10th September 2017 / Munich Workshop - Retouching Portraits (English)

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10th September 2017 / Munich Workshop - Retouching Portraits (English)


Portrait Retouching Workshop in Munich (central)

No. of participants: 4-15 ppl

10th September 2017, 

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In this editing and retouching workshop you will learn about the whole post-processing workflow from the image straight out of camera to the final high resolution picture. 

Starting off with the RAW file you will carry out RAW development techniques and make further adjustments to color, curves etc. The biggest part of the workshop is dedicated to advanced editing and retouching techniques in Photoshop that include getting rid of unwanted objects, color grading and skin retouching.

No. of participants: 4-13 ppl

The maximum number of participants is 13 people in order to guarantee that every participant can ask questions and receive help when needed.

Time and place

10th September 2017

2pm - 6pm

Tal 42, 80331 Munich

FineArt Portrait

The workshop will focus on:

  • How to select the best images without spending a lot of time
  • Basic RAW adjustments
  • Color grading: how to create your signature style using curves
  • How to further refine the look of your image (levels, hue, selective color etc.)
  • Detailed Retouching using dodge + burn in Photoshop

Ideally you will use an image that you have taken at the workshop the day before. Feel free to attend if you haven't participated in part 1 (you can bring another one of your images or receive a RAW file from me that I have taken during part 1 of this workshop).

I will work on my laptop and project the screen using a beamer so you will be able to follow the whole post-processing workflow. I highly recommend you bring your own laptop with Lightroom (or alternatively Capture One) and Photoshop installed so you can follow the workflow and process your own file simultaneously. 

If you prefer to just watch the post-processing session and not edit in the meantime, you can of course do that as well. 

Please be aware that this is not a beginners workshop and that you should have some understanding of how to use Lightroom and Photoshop.

Participation fee includes: 

  • Fee for the seminar room + equipment (beamer, screen, WiFi)
  • Instructor fee


You should have some prior experience with post-processing using Lightroom (RAW development) and Photoshop (knowing the basic tools and understanding how layers and masking work).

This is not a beginner's introduction to this software, but rather a workshop where an integrated workflow using both softwares will be shown and advanced retouching techniques will be carried out.

However, I will do my best to adjust the workshop to the level of expertise of the participants. 

What to bring:

  • Your laptop (with Lightroom and Photoshop installed)
  • The images you took the day before during the workshop at Englischer Garten... 
  • ...OR other files (outdoor portraits) you want to work on
    • Please import the file to your laptop before you arrive. If you don't want to work on one of your own files I will provide one or two of my RAW files that you can use
  • Recommended: pen + paper to take notes
  • Snacks and drinks (not included in the participation fee)

Cancellation and refunds

The number of participants ranges from 4 to 13 people. The participation fee will be refunded if we don’t reach the minimum amount of participants four days before the event (Wednesday, 6th of September, 4pm).

This event will take place independently from the workshop the day before (if the on-location shoot needs to be cancelled due to rain, the post-processing workshop will still take place).

FineArt Portrait

Refund policy:

In case of cancellation from the participant’s side refunds will be given as stated below:

  • Cancellation up to two weeks before the event (Sunday, 27th August, midnight): 100% refund
  • Cancellation up to one week before the event (Sunday, 3rd September, midnight): 60% refund
  • Cancellation after Sunday, 3rd September: no refund can be given